IFC Knowledge Submit 2019

25 March 2019

REVISED :Brief and Reviews for GU website( Sunday 24.3.2019)

“Knowledge Summit: Brand building through Taste, Touch, Sight, Smell & Sounds”

On Monday, 18 March 2019, the Galgotias School of Hospitality & Indian Culinary Forum (ICF) presented “Knowledge Summit: Brand building through Taste, Touch, Sight, Smell & Sounds”.

Master Chefs from across the world & Heads of hotels addressed Galgotias University students, students present form other universities, faculties & budding chefs and hospitality professionals at Hotel Pride Plaza Aerocity, New Delhi.


  1. Galgotias School of Hospitality along with Indian Culinary Forum (ICF) presented a unique and powerful Knowledge Session with Tag Taste as our knowledge partner & Hotel Pride Plaza as our hospitality partner. This prestigious event was held on Monday, 18 March 2019 at Hotel Pride Plaza Aerocity, New Delhi.

  2. The auspicious Lamp Lighting was done by Mr. Dhruv Galgotias (CEO Galgotias University), Prof.(Dr.) Onkar Nath Mehra -Dean School of Hospitality (Galgotias University), Legendry Chef DK- Davinder Kumar (President ICF), Mr.Jaspal Sabharwal CEO TagTaste, Chef Bill Marchetti (Head Charcuterie Operations-Dream Lands), Mr. Anil Bhandari (Formerly: CMD of ITDC Ashok Group of Hotels, MD International Travel House- an ITC Company, MD Hotel Corporation of India) and Group Captain DV Arora VSM (A war veteran-Founder and CEO Perfect Solutions).

  3. The event was flaged off by Legendary Chef Davinder Kumar(President of ICF)-Chef DK’s welcome address & the inaugural address by Dr. Onkar Nath Mehra, Dean School of Hospitality (Galgotias University). Respected Mr. Anil Bhandari delivered a very meaningful key note address.

  4. The event was spread into 4 individual unique learning activities:-

    • Panel-1: How well is the food industry leveraging the sensory framework?
      (Moderated by: Raj Prity – Sensory Head Tag Taste)

    • Presentation on Ayurgenomics- How genetics plays a crucial role in the prakriti of a person.
      (By: Dr. Mitali Mukherji & Dr. Bhavana Prasher – Sr. Scientists CSIR)

    • Panel-2: Open house for students with India’s successful/entrepreneur chefs
      (Chaired by: Chef Abhijit Saha – Founder Avant Grade Hospitality)

    • Beverage Sensory Workshop
      (Conducted by: Dr. Binod Maitin – Global Sensory Expert, ex- Diageo)

  5. Mr. KB Kachru (Chairman Ameritus Radisson Hotels) addressed the august gathering, blessed our dear students with mantras for success for their career in hospitality. Ms. Rita Shah COO of Hotel The Hans Plaza was kind to be present for the entire day to motivate our students and grace the prestigious event. Chef Gissur (Former President of WACS from Iceland) specially came to India & was present virtually for the entire flow of the event to bless our students. Chef Rajeev Bansal - Group Chef Culinary Development, Taj SATS Air Catering was present at the Summit to encourage our students and benefit from the great gyan.

  6. “A Wow student experience”: The students & Faculty present thoroughly enjoyed the event. This was a unique session of gyan being shared by the galaxy of leading Master Chefs from across the world & Heads of Hotels from the hospitality industry.

  7. The knowledge session concluded successfully in the evening with the Vote of Thanks by Chef Vivek Sagar (Secretary, ICF) & Dr. Onkar Nath Mehra (Dean School of Hospitality, Galgotias University) with motivational words of wisdom.

School of Hospitality is grateful to our:

Hon. Chancellor Mr. Sunil Galgotia for his blessings & CEO Mr. Dhruv Galgotia for supporting this event with his graceful presence to encourage our students , faculty and organizing team.

Our sincere thanks to legendary Chef DK - Devinder Kumar(President of ICF), Chef Arun Chopra (Partner-Industry Collaborations TagTaste), Prof. Ashia Qureshi (Dean School of Nursing, Galgotias University), Dr. Atul Sethia (Dean School of Architecture, Galgotias University) & the entire team of ICF & GU who have pro-actively supported the event & helped us in making it a grand success.

The good echoes & positive vibes of this Knowledge Summit will always be felt & acknowledged by Hospitality Industry and Academics.

The School of Hospitality is thankful to our Vice Chancellor & our Pro VCs for their good wishes for this event.

Some of the Reviews received on Watsap:

  1. Mr.Sunil Gupta,CEO ITC Heritage Hotels: “Thank you Onkar for invite. Well organized program”.

  2. Mr.Rishabh Tandon, Director HR & Training, Crown Plaza Okhla: “ No issues Sir for the time I was present positives:
    #Vibrant ambience
    #Getting the top brass to share their journey like Mr.Kachru was a great idea
    #Good visibility of sponsor
    #Chef Abhijit Saha was a great orator for the future of kitchen discussion
    # and you were a solid anchor to hold the fort and a common point of contact. Nice coverage on Social Media. Try to get it published in hospitality magazine.

  3. Rajeev Bansal, Group Chef Culinary Development Taj SATS Air Catering Ltd: “One of the best I have seen. All the stars of Culinary Galaxy were there to bless the young students. Your organization and control was amazing.*****Mehra Ji you got 5 stars for the gala event. Keep it up.”

  4. Group Capt.DV Arora VSM- Founder & CEO-Perfect Solutions, HR-Hospitality Expert & a War Veteran(formerly Head HR of ‘The Nirulas’): “ I feel I have done good to come to your event…….. by declining an invite for lunch with polish embassy people & others. Dear Onkar Ji, sorry couldn’t say bye to you while leaving…..It was indeed a great show. I had no plans to stay till the end….but could not leave….so well organized a program…Entire credit goes to you….I will be sending mail to your CEO…..felt good meeting Chef DK of ICF.”

  5. Prof.Ashia Qureshi,Dean School of Nursing Galgotias University(Formerly Head of Nursing AIIMS- Delhi): “ Dear Prof.Mehra, Congratulations to you and your team for organizing such a wonderful Knowledge Summit on Hospitality. It was so full of information given by experts from Hospitality as well as Ayurveda and medicine. The knowledge gained is not limited to the hospitality industry, but also for our home, workplace and all spheres of one’s life. The multidisciplinary and multidimensional approach was awesome and highly appreciated.”

  6. Mr.Kamal Pyush- Hospitality Management Expert Govt. of Bihar: “ It was an excellent occasion and opportunity to attend Knowledge Summit jointly organized by Galgotias University, School of Hospitality and Indian Culinary Forum at Hotel Pride Plaza in Aerocity. The program besides being very well organized presented wonderful knowledge sessions which were unique in the information provided. It was also an opportunity to meet with the doyens of industry and academics. Overall an excellent event with great success. Best wishes to Dr.Onkar Mehra, Galgotias University and the team for a wonderful program.”

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